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Training Weekends
Learn new skills and scrub up on olds ones. This is a great way of improving your kayaking skills whilst also exploring the coastline of Cornwall.  
10-12th May - Intro



2 Day Courses £170, or 5 Day Courses £425

I imagine you're intreaged by sea kayaking....

That's why your here!

But where do you start?


Building good foundations is key to enjoying your time on the sea. This intro course is designed to give you all the skills and confidence you need to explore our amazing coastlines by sea kayak. 

Our Two Day Course

Learn the basics of sea kayak handling, from laughing and landing to paddling technique and manoeuvres. We will also look at rescue skills, trip planning an choosing the right locations. All of the skills we learn will of course be put into practice as we explore stunning stretches of Cornwall's coastline.

Our Five Day Course

The perfect way to learn and consolidate new sea kayaking skills. Covering all of the above, before delving deeper into boat handling and manoeuvres.  We will cover a variety of different paddling strokes, look at the basics of coastal navigation and experience a variety of different kayaking locations around Cornwall. 


2 Day Courses £170, or 5 Day Courses £425

If you've already got the basics but want to further your sea kayaking skills this is the course for you. We look at improving the skills you already have, then start using them in more challenging sea conditions. Thinking more about challenging your paddling, we will venture out into slightly wilder stretches of Cornish coastline. Apply our skills to rock hoping and undertaking a challenging journey.  



Ever dreamt of undergoing your own sea kayaking expeditions? 


This course looks at how to set yourself up for success. Sea kayaks were designed to carry loads, and here at Evoke, we've lived out of our kayaks for up to five weeks at a time. 


Learn about how best to pack your boats, what gear we should carry,  and what makes good expedition food. We explore remote stretches of the Cornish coast, delve into caves and land on deserted beaches. 


For this experience we like to explore, how simple expedition life can be, camping under tarps and cooking on open fires. Going back to basics makes this experience feel really wild. 


We'll even attempt to catch our own dinner using simple handlines. Fresh fish can't be beaten when cooked up on an open fire. 

2 Day Course £180 pp