The Northern corries of the Cairngorms N

winter For women 

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All-Female winter skills course

Winter mountain walking for women, by women. Explore the wintery peaks of the beautiful Cairngorm National Parks in an all-female team. This is the perfect course to learn new skills, meet like-minded women, and build your confidence in the winter mountain environment. 



Aviemore is a small mountain town nestled right at  the edge of one of the UK's most extensive mountain ranges; The Cairngorms National Park. A wild expanse of peaks and high vast plateau, these rugged mountains dominate the landscape. Impressive north facing corries curve perfectly along the edge of a spectacular high wintery plateau, and smooth white peaks stretch out 

2021 Dates
Who's this trip for
11th - 15th Feb 2021 (Spaces)

5 days on the Hill



  • Hill-walkers with a minimum of 5 days' summer mountain experience.

  • Walkers with a fitness level to be out in the hills for 5-6 hours a day. 

  • People who love the mountains and want to learn to travel in winter conditions safely. 


If you would like to discuss any of the above requirements,  please get in touch. We have 1:1 coaching available.


What to expect

The winter mountain environment can be challenging for any hill walker. This course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to travel safely on snow-covered peaks and enjoy the mountains in winter conditions. You will learn techniques for using crampons and ice axes, navigation in tricky winter conditions, and build confidence in your skills to explore safely in winter. 

Throughout the week we will undertake beautiful winter journeys whilst learning, exploring the best hillwalking in the area, and enjoy a Monro summit or two. 

White Rock Ptarmigan, Lagopus mutus, whi


The sparse white plataeus of the Northern Cairngorms, are home to some incredibly tough and well adapted animals. Equipped for cold hostile habitats, you'll find perfectly camouflaged mountains hares and beautiful Ptarmigans scraping a living form the frozen landscape. 

Their perfect white winter coats make them hard to spot on the snow covered hills, and conservative behaviour keeps their movements subtle and discreet to the human eye. On a still weather day, you'll be sure to hear the distinctive call of the Ptarmigan floating around the corrie bowls. 

Course Content

  • Equipment and clothing for winter.

  • Movement skills and kicking steps.

  • Crampon techniques.

  • Ice axe techniques for walking, step cutting, self-belay, and arrests.

  • Avalanche awareness, forecasts, snowpack analysis, route planning, and decision making.

  • Winter navigation.

  • Emergency procedures.

Climber woman ascends steep slope on the

Participants will meet in Aviemore on the morning of the course.

What the Price Includes

Evoke Winter Mountain Leader

All safety equipment

Transport from Aviemore to mountains each day.

Price does not Include



Equipment hire


A 25% deposit is required to secure your spot, with the remainder due 2 months before the expedition start date. * While the uncertainty that Covid-19 brings final payment will only be collected when we can definitively (or as definitively as possible) say that the trip will run. 

If you have any questions about the expedition or would like more information you can contact us