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Life Coaching & Adventure

19th-26th Oct 2019

£1380 *only 4 spots available

Why Combine Adventure &

Life Coaching?

"Kayaking expeditions have always played a huge part in helping me to clear my head, and focus on making important life decisions. I have to say that on returning from every expedition, I’ve made huge leaps towards getting myself to where I am today. Running my dream business, and becoming a stronger expedition leader than I ever believed I could be! The rhythm of paddling and simplicity of expedition life has helped me to process career confusion, heal broken hearts, realise dreams and build some of the strongest and deepest friendships I’ve ever had.


I decided that I wanted to give others the opportunity to use expedition paddling in the same way as I have. So I’ve teamed up with Cat Trebilco a incredible life coach, to put together an expedition focused on providing the moments, and perfect environment needed to help you, put your life jigsaw into place."


                                  Erin Bastian 

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps individuals to think differently about a situation - encouraging you to find your own solution to a problem. It ranges from a conversational approach of listening and asking the right questions, through to set coaching designed to order your thinking and find a different perspective. 


It can be really useful for situations like a big life change, such as moving jobs, or leaving a relationship, but also for working towards goals such as building healthy eating and exercise habits. It can also be really useful if you feel a bit directionless, or stuck in life and don’t really know what is the problem!


This Expedition is based in Menorca. Our goal is to paddle the entire length of the stunning south coast, camp on remote beaches, explore caves and coves, and create the time you need, to break through your barriers, and craft a path forwards to achieve the life you desire. 

Who's this for?

This expedition is open to everyone. We recommended you have some experience of using a kayak before the trip, this could be half day paddles on a canal, or  a couple of kayak club sessions. You certainly don't need to be a pro. There will be plenty of kayak coaching included in the expedition.


You'll need a good base level of fitness, and feel happy to kayak for 4 hours in total each day. Our goal will be to kayak around 15km over the course of each day, this time provides great opportunity to think things over, or clear your head and take in the beautiful coastline. 

Wild Camping 

Who needs five star accommodation when you can sleep beneath a million stars. 

We like it wild! Sleeping under a tarp is the ultimate way of keeping it simple. Curling up in a bivvy bag is our expedition style when camping in the med. We like to keep campsites discreet, and leave them exactly as we found them. Always on the look out for the best secluded spots to pitch-up for the night.

Whats Included

  • 8 day trip with 7 full days on the water with coaching from a highly qualified sea kayak coach, and daily sessions with a life coach.

  • Boats, paddles, jackets, spray decks, buoyancy aids and dry bags.

  • Cooking equipment and fuel. Camping Tarp. (tents are not permitted on beaches)

  • All expedition food and snacks

  • Last night accommodation


  • Airport Transfers (Mahon)


19th-26th Oct


What You Provide

  • Travel Insurance (ensure kayaking is included).

  • Sleeping Mat, Sleeping Bag, Bivy Bag and mosquito net. (Any problems with these let us know).

  • Flights (morning arrival)

  • Last night celebratory meal and drinks