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Norway: Full-on-fjord

Escape to the majestic fjords of Norway! Full-on-fjord is an opportunity to paddle the entire 

length on the Sognefjord, Norway longest fjord. 


Mountains rise steeply out of the sea, towering on each side, peaks in this region reach up to 1800m in height. On average the fjords are 2.5km wide, narrowing in places to a mere 200m. Snow can often linger for many months after the winter season-high in the mountains, and the meltwater provides spectacular waterfalls for much of the summer. 


This expedition will navigate eastwards along the southern shoreline taking in spectacular branches of the fjord system like the peaceful Finnafjorden, and the UNESCO world heritage site, Narrowfjord. 




trip Details 


Who's this trip for?


  • Paddlers with 5 days' previous experience of kayaking.

  • Skills around BCU 2* standard.

  • Paddlers with a fitness level to cover 20-25km a day. 

  • Experience of wild camping, and happy to live without facilities for a long duration. 


If you would like to discuss any of the above requirements,  please get in touch. We have training courses running in spring and autumn or 1:1 coaching.



 14th - 22nd July 2021 

Spots Available 


Team of 5.        Spaces available. 




9 day trip, with 7 full days of kayaking


What's Included 


  • Highly qualified sea kayak guide.

  • All kayaking equipment.

  • Cooking Equipment. 

  • Tents.

  • All expedition meals. 

  • Airport/ferry transfer Svolvaer to/from the accommodation.

  • Safety equipment.

What's not included 


  •  - International flights to/from Svolvaer

  •  - Travel insurance

  •  - Any extra costs due to unforeseen  circumstances (e.g delayed flights,  extra logistics, additional    accommodation). 



 £ 1480


Our Route will start at the mouth of the Sognefjord, near the small farming community of Oppedal. We will pack our boats with 8 days of supplies and head east, hugging the southern shoreline of this impressive fjord. 


The mountains here are rugged and steep-sided. Nestled in small fertile valleys in-between, are old traditional Norwegian farms. Beautiful wooden farmhouses proudly overlook the water's edge, not long ago the only transport to these settlements would have been by boat. 


Vikoyri and Vangsnes, a hand-full of smaller towns we will pass by. A rare opportunity to stock up of fresh fruit and maybe an ice-cream. Once around the Vangsnes corner, we are now deep into the fjord system. Our route bares southwest, and with every km, the fjord here begins to narrow.


Fresvik is our last stop before pushing on to explore the incredible Narrowfjord. Steep cliffs fall directly into the water and drop hundreds of meters beneath your kayak. Sea eagles sore high above amongst the craggy walls and waterfalls fall thousands of meters into the fjord. This is a truly magical landscape. 


We finish our route, paddling down the last branch of the Sognefjord, into the popular village of Flam. Here the hustle and bustle of tourists life will feel a world away from your wild journey of the Sognefjord. 


Deep rich tidal waters offer up some brilliant fishing opportunities, a hardline a few feathers are all that is needed in these waters to catch a fish for supper. With the endless freshwater streaming off the mountainside and into the fjord below, nutrient-rich waters provide a perfect habitat for sea life. It is certainly likely you will get a glimpse of a shy seal, the elusive otter, and the small porpoise that feed in these waters. 


One of the most enchanting creatures we will enjoy a sighting of is the white-tailed Sea Eagle. These enormous birds will often be perched right at the water's edge, feeding their young, or soaring beneath the steep cliffs. If you're extremely lucky you can watch these magnificent birds plucking fish from the fjord. 


With so much wilderness available in Norway wild camping is very accessible. The outdoors is a way of life for Norwegians, and so they are very welcoming to others who want to enjoy their nature. Campsites will depend on how far we travel each day. The beauty of wild camping from a sea kayak means you can find remote spots, inaccessible to others to pitch your tent. We've enjoyed some of the most spectacular sunsets from the beach camps of this expedition. 


We will try to ensure each camp has a water source for drinking. Although the water in Norway is thought to be very clean, we still suggest purifying your water with either tablets or a filter. 


There will be a very limited toilet or shower facilities while wild camping, be sure to pack a sense of humor, for a quick river wash. Evoke will supply toilet bags with all the kit you need. On occasions, we may find a camp with compost toilets. 


“Amazing adventure in the beautiful Norwegian fjords. Erin lead the group brilliantly. Always making it fun but also challenging. Wild camping, cooking on the beach and a bit of pretty chilly wild swimming too. Evoke Adventures created lifelong friends and memories.. I will be back!”

Lee - Window Fitter 

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