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SEA Kayak Menorca 

The warm Mediterranean waters, deep caves, impressive cliffs, and pristine sandy coves make Menorca a perfect destination to explore by sea kayak.  Wild camping on beaches and carrying all you need in your kayak, this expedition will aim to circumnavigate the entire island, taking in the stunning coastline and exploring the wild untouched corners of Menorca. 


Steeped with history and culture there are many hidden gems to find along the coastline. Decades of military history can be easily seen from the water, we paddle beneath the impressive walls of Mahon, explore ancient cave settlements tucked away in remote coves, and tiny fishing villages sheltered in natural harbors. Experiencing the island's culture from the sea is a truly unique experience. 





Who's this trip for?


- People with experience of at least one 

  day of kayaking.

- People with a fitness level to cover 15km a

  day (roughly 5 hours of kayaking).

- Experience of at least one night of wild

  camping, and happy to live without facilities

  for a long duration. 



If you would like to discuss any of the above 

requirements,  please get in touch. We have training courses running in spring an autumn, or 1:1 coaching.



trip Details 


Our goal is to circumnavigate the beautiful Belaric Island of Menorca. This Spanish island has nearly 200km of stunning coastline, from the steep limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches of the south coast to the rugged red headlands of the north. Each day we paddle, the coastline changes in character and will no doubt take your breath away.


We aim to paddle the entire coastline, a journey just shy of 200km in 10 days, covering a manageable 20km a day. This trip has a perfect balance between experiencing the beautiful wilderness, whilst also providing the luxuries of enjoying a fresh coffee or cheeky ice cream in a quaint fishing village. This balance makes our Menorca experience a perfect introduction to expedition life. 


WILD Camping 

Our expedition teams find remote coves and hidden beaches to set up camp. All our camping is wild! Biving under a tarp or sleeping under the stars. Our facilities are nature, and you'll soon get used to that wild salty feeling of washing in the sea. Each day you'll watch the sunset and feel the warmth on your skin as it wakes you up in the morning. 


We carry all the gear we need in our kayaks to be self-sufficient. This allows us to camp where ever we choose, giving us maximum flexibility to explore every corner of the island. Cooking our dinners on camp stoves, you'll be surprised what delicious meals can be prepared even in the wilderness. 


You will learn plenty of campcraft and experince every part of expedition life. 


This trip is for the occasional paddler with at least 1-2 days' previous experience. It is a great opportunity to develop your kayaking skills whilst undergoing an amazing adventure. Lead by our extremely experienced and knowledgeable female guide, there will be plenty of coaching opportunities throughout the expedition.


Our daily routine will allow for plenty of exploration whether out on the coastline or when we land in camp. Often the waters are tranquil an calm, but the beauty of exploring Menorca in Autumn is you'll also get a taste of some challenging conditions too. We will explore incredible caves, paddle beneath huge sea arches, land on deserted beaches and enjoy impressive headlands. The coastline of Menorca has a wealth of stunning geology, and with every corner changes in character. 

Trip Guide

Trip guide

Erin Bastian - A UKCC Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach, 5* Leader, and founder of Evoke Adventure, will be guiding this expedition.



Erin has paddled worldwide, her passion for long-distance journeys has taken her to the remote West coast of Patagonia. Across the Agean sea, linking rugged islands scattered between Greece and Turkey, crossing large expanses of open water. As well as numerous expeditions leading teams in her favorite place arctic Norway. She has circumnavigated Menorca five times.



Cold icy destinations really capture her imagination!