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Kayak in Arctic, Skipperdal, Greenland.j

 Frequently asked Questions

Do I need kayaking experience to join a trip?

Evoke Adventure offers trips, courses, and expeditions for all abilities, from beginner to advanced. We just need to find the right one to suit your ability. ​If you'd like to talk to us about which trip to choose please contact us.

What Equipment do I need for kayaking?

For all our trips we provide all the necessary kayaking equipment you need, from warm dry paddling jackets to tents, and of course kayaks. You will need to provide your own warm clothes and shoes to wear in the water but everything else we've usually got covered. When you book a trip with Evoke Adventure, you'll be sent an information pack containing a comprehensive kit list. 

How fit do I need to be to Kayak?

Different trips require different levels of fitness. Our intro courses and beginner trips we aim to paddle about 10-15km a day. This is roughly 4-5 hours of moderate activity suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness. Our intermediate to advanced trips may cover 20-25km so you'll need to be happy with 6 hours of moderate activity. 

Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

Yes, most dietary requirements we can accommodate with a little help and information from you. We've catered for Gluten-free, vegan, allergies and dairy intolerance. Just let us know what you can or cannot eat, and we will figure out a trip menu to suit. 

Most of our food is freshly cooked veggie meals, as they travel best in kayaks, with the option of fresh-caught fish and hand-picked muscles if we are lucky. 

For complex dietary requirements, we may need you to bring some foods you know you can eat like favourite snacks or wraps. Get in touch and we can chat about it. 

Will I capsize kayaking?

There is always a possibility of capsizing, but I can say in my 10 years of guiding it's not that often it occurs. In our introduction courses, we like to practice capsizing in a controlled environment this helps build confidence and and is an important skill to learn. You will be briefed on what to do in the event of an accidental capsize, but our guides are there to help you out. It'll only take a couple of minutes to get you back in your boat and paddling once more. 

I'd Like to join an expedition but haven't kayaked before?

Our expeditions do require some kayaking experience. If you don't yet have the experience that's no problem,  we run specific training courses so that you can get the experience and skills needed to enjoy one of our more adventurous expeditions. Just get in touch and we can let you know when we are running our expedition intro courses. 

Can I join a trip as a solo traveler?

Yes, of course! Our trips are full of like-minded adventurous people. We try to match people to the right trip so you get the best team and experience for you. We like to keep our teams small so that you get the best expedition experience and a chance to get to know your team. 

No problem! Just get in touch and we'll get back to you. 

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