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Greenland Exploration


Greenland is one of the words last great wildernesses. A remote and rugged landscape carved out from a lifetime of glaciers, ice sheets and long winters. For a few months every summer the pack ice breaks up and get pushed out to sea, leaving the fjords open to exploration. We will undertake a journey which meanders through mountainous islands, wild camp overlooking huge glaciers and maybe even visit some of the small remote villages.




This expedition will start from the tiny Inuit town of Tasiilaq, home to 1900 people. Tasiilaq is on the southern coast of Ammassalik Island.

The Town is one of only five settlements on the east coast of Greenland, this region is one of the most isolated in the world. The area is cut-off to access by sea for over half the year. In the spring the sea ice breaks-up and for a few short months the fjords allow passage to explore one of the wildest coastlines on earth. 

2024 Dates
Who's this trip for
6th - 17th Aug 2024 Full
19th - 30th Aug 2024 FULL

12-day trip, with 10 full days of kayaking

 Prices inclusive of VAT
2025 Dates
  • Intermediate paddlers with experience of at least one previous multi-day expedition.

  • Paddlers with a fitness level to cover 25 km each day.

  • Happy to paddle in small waves and force 3 - 4 wind.

  • Experience of wild camping, and happy to live without facilities for the duration 

If you would like to discuss any of the above 

requirements, please get in touch. We have training courses running in spring and autumn or we can offer 1:1 coaching.g.

August 2025 Dates TBC


Provisional bookings and enquires welcome.

12-day trip, with 10 full days of kayaking


Our route will take us north from Tasiilaq, navigating the vast fjord network which weaves between steep, mountainous islands. Our goal is to reach the Apuseaq Glacier, an impressive calving glacier with many icebergs which ebb and flow with the tidal currents and winds, out towards to the coast. 

We will then begin our journey east, passing beneath impressively steep mountains reaching height of over 1000m. This area will take your breath away, such dramatic landscapes in all directions. Still heading east we will pass through narrow fjords towards the Sermililk Fjord with its ice-choked waters, this will be an incredible vista for our camp. 

The route will finally head south again navigating back towards the village of Tasiilaq. 

Image by Annie Spratt


The nutrient-rich waters of the fjords are home to some incredibly majestic animals. It is likely that we will paddle amongst whales, porpoise and seals. Greenland is home to many species of whales, with good fortune we may get sightings of Humpback, Minke and possibly the enormous fin whale. As well as marine life, we will travel through Polar bear territory.

Polar bears do pose a risk to every expedition, it is essential we take adequate safety measures to minimise the risk. The team will learn about bear safety protocol and bear watches will be a daily routine in camp. 


Once we set off from the village of Tasiilaq we will be wild camping for the duration of the expedition. The team will carry 3 man tents, shared between 2, providing spacious and comfortable living space. The climate is relatively warm and calm this time of year, but temperatures will drop at night so warm sleeping bags are recommended.  

All our meals will be cooked on camp stoves and will consist of daily expedition meals. These dehydrated packet meals allow us to carry a 10 day supply of food within our kayaks. These meals are light-weight and easily packed. 

Image by Visit Greenland
Iceberg and sea kayaker Greenland .jpeg

Participants will need to arrive at Kululsuk international airport the day of the trip start date. We will spend the first and last night in the village. Departure from Kululsuk airport the morning of the final day. 

What the Price Includes

Evoke Wilderness Sea Kayaking Guide.

Sea kayaking safety equipment. 

All kayaking and camping equipment.

Cooking equipment and all expeditions meals.

Airport boat transfer to/from Tasiilaq village.

First and last night Accommodation in Tasiilaq.

Price does not Include

Airfare and baggage fees.

Travel Insurance.

Any extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances.


A £750 deposit is required to secure your spot, with an instalment due the 1st of February and the remainder due twelve weeks before the expedition start date. 

If you have any questions about the expedition or would like more information you can contact us 


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