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Terms and Conditions 


Evoke Adventure Ltd


You agree to these terms and conditions by booking a course, trip, or expedition with Evoke Adventure. Evoke Adventure reserves the right to modify, alter, or update these terms anytime.



  • Trips/expeditions can only be reserved by submitting a completed booking form and making a non-refundable deposit of 25%. 

  • All balances must be paid eight weeks before the commencement of the course/expedition – failure to do so may result in loss of reservation.  

  • Payment by BACs transfer is preferred, but cheques are accepted up to 6 weeks prior


Cancellations/Alterations by Customer

  • Customers can make alterations to their booking up to 8 weeks before the start date if approved by Evoke Adventure. Excluding longer trips where stage payments are taken.

  • All cancellations must be in writing and acknowledged by Evoke Adventure. Any refund after eight weeks before the start of the course/trip date will be at the discretion of Evoke Adventure and will only be made if your place is re-sold and filled. 

  • All deposits and stage payments are non-refundable. In the event of a trip cancellation by Evoke Adventure due to the minimum trip numbers not being met, the full deposit will be returned. 


Cancellations/Alterations by Evoke Adventure 

  • All outdoor activities are weather-dependent. If the weather is unsuitable, Evoke Adventure will endeavour to provide suitable, safe alternative locations. Customers accept that the itinerary stated in the trip details is subject to change to best suit the weather conditions on the date. 

  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that the course/expedition takes place as advertised, Evoke Adventure reserves the right to cancel where, on reasonable grounds, cancellation is necessary due to dangerous and/or unsuitable conditions.

  • If, in the opinion of Evoke Adventure staff, your fitness or competence level may compromise the trip's safety, we reserve the right to terminate your course/expedition. 

  • We endeavour to select the best locations for the activity. In the event of force majeure whereby Evoke Adventure is forced to cancel or terminate a course or expedition, we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative. Still, we cannot pay compensation or accept liability for the return of fees or expenses.



  • Evoke Adventure advises that customers acquire insurance for cancellation/curtailment and loss/damage of personal belongings and equipment for all courses and trips.

  • It is a condition of booking for all expeditions that you are covered by adequate insurance for the duration of the itinerary and the specific activities undertaken. The insurance must cover medical and emergency expenses (including repatriation), personal accident, injury, and death. Any emergency/medical expenses are the responsibility of the customer.


Your safety

  • You are physically fit for the course or expedition you booked and have informed Evoke Adventure of all relevant medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in your chosen course/expedition. 

  • You agree to abide by instruction/advice provided by Evoke Adventure instructors throughout your course or expedition. 

  • Any participant under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to take part in activities. Evoke Adventure reserves the right to exclude any participant for safety reasons at any time; no refund will be given.

  • All specialist equipment required for the activity will be supplied by Evoke Adventure. Personal protective equipment must be worn when requested by the instructor. All activities are fully risk-assessed; copies are available on request. 

  • A comprehensive group safety kit, including first aid, flares, mobile phone and VHF radios, is carried by the lead instructor and available at all times.

  • Evoke Adventure does not work with unaccompanied children under 18 years of age. Accompanied children over 14 may participate in sea kayaking. Please discuss your requirements before booking.

  • There will always be some risk in the adventure activities that Evoke Adventure offers. Some of these risks might contribute to the loss or damage of your personal clothing/equipment, feelings of discomfort, fear, apprehension, or even accidental injury, illness, or trauma, which, in extreme but thankfully very rare cases, can be very serious. Whilst we will endeavour to minimize risk and incident, all kayaking, hiking, and camping activities are undertaken at your own risk.


Data Protection

  • We will not sell or give out your personal details or e-mail address to any other party without your permission. We may contact you to keep you informed of other courses and events. You can opt out of communications at any time.

  • Pictures taken by Evoke Adventure whilst on an expedition or during courses may be used on the website or social media unless requested by clients to be kept private. 


Personal belongings

  • Evoke Adventure cannot be held responsible for personal belongings and equipment. Items stored in our vehicles or with our staff are at your own risk. If you take valuables on our activities, you do so at your own risk.

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