Lofoten Archipelago Expedition

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The Lofoten Archipelago is a chain of breath-taking islands, extending far into the turbulent Norwegians sea. It sits well above the arctic circle, and in June and July bathes beneath the midnight sun. Its cold rich water is teaming with wildlife, scattered with a wealth of small uninhabited islands to explore. We will roam around its coastal waters, navigating through tidal channels and fjords, accessing wilderness, where very few step foot. 



Set high within in Arctic Norway, Lofoten is a truly unique chain of mountainous islands jutting far out from the main coastline. Giving it a distinctive landscape like no other. 

Impressive steep mountains rise strait from the ocean, and clusters of wild islands, provide endless exploration for kayakers!

2021 Dates
Who's this trip for
19th - 27th June 2021 (Full)
30th June - 8th July (Space) 

9 Day Trip, with 7 full days of kayaking


  • Paddlers with 5 days' previous experience kayaking.

  • Skills around BCU 3* standard.

  • Paddlers with a fitness level to cover

  • 20-25km a day. 

  • Experience of wild camping, and happy to live without facilities for a long duration. 


If you would like to discuss any of the above requirements,  please get in touch. We have training courses running in spring and autumn or 1:1 coaching.


This expedition aims to circumnavigate the dramatic island of Austvagoya, a 130km journey, with endless options for variations. Our route will take us through the steep-sided Trollfjord, navigating the tidal channels between, camping on the white sandy beaches of the wild north coast,


Paddling through historic fishing villages like Henningsvear, a beautiful town built on stilts and perched atop baren rocky islands. Look up as you paddle beneath towering granite cliffs, a draw to any keen climber. Around every corner, the landscape changes and steep mountains frame every view.  


 Strong currents and the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea, provide nutrient-rich waters around Lofoten; a perfect habitat for sea life. It's likely to get a glimpse of a shy seal, otter, and on a calm day watch the local orca as they pass by on a hunting trip.



One of the most enchanting creatures we will enjoy a sighting of is the white-tailed Sea Eagle. These enormous birds will often be perched at the water's edge, feeding their young, or soaring beneath the steep cliffs. If you're extremely lucky you can watch these magnificent birds plucking fish from the sea.


With so much wilderness available in Norway wild camping is very accessible. The outdoors is a way of life for Norwegians, and the Lofoten people are especially welcoming to others who want to enjoy their beautiful islands.


Campsites will depend on how far we travel each day and often chosen to suit the weather conditions. There are no set 'campsites', but your guide will aim to land on some of our favourite spots. Beaches overlooking the midnight night sun or remote islands with crystal clear waters which may even tempt you in for a swim. 


We will try to ensure each camp has a water source for drinking. Although the water in Norway is thought to be very clean, we still suggest you purify your water with either tablets or a filter. 


There will be no facilities, other than what nature provides while wild camping, be sure to pack a sense of humour, for an invigorating wild wash. 


“Erin is super supportive and adventurous, I have become so much more confident in not only my kayaking but also my navigation and camp craft. Erin finds joy in helping you develop while also creating an unforgettable journey filled with fun and giggles.”

Katie - Teacher


Participants will need to arrive in Svolvaer the evening of the trip start date, and arrange accommodation in town, for the first and last night of the trip. We will depart from Svolvaer the morning of the final day. 

Passenger ferrys arrive and depart from Svolvaer Harbour, and airport transfers can be arranged for the short drive into Svolvaer town on arrival day.

What the Price Includes

Evoke Wilderness Sea Kayaking Guide.

Sea kayaking safety equipment. 

All kayaking and camping equipment.

Cooking equipment and all expeditions meals.

Airport transfer to/from accommodation in Svolvaer.

Price does not Include

Airfare and baggage fees.

Travel Insurance.

Meals on arrival and departure days.

Any extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances.


A 25% deposit is required to secure your spot, with the remainder due 8 weeks before the expedition start date. * While the uncertainty that Covid-19 brings final payment will only be collected when we can definitively (or as definitively as possible) say that the trip will run. 

If you have any questions about the expedition or would like more information you can contact us