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Oh my, what an unbelievable summer so far! Evoke is exploring the Fjords of Norway and we want to share with you some of our adventure stories so far.

Sognefjord Sea kayaking

The Full on Fjord team really did bring the best weather with them. We set off on the west coast just north of Bergen. Our journey would take us through the maze of rugged islands on the west coast. We found white sandy beaches, perfect camp spots and even caught a few fish for dinner. The sunsets never failed to wow us, when the sun finally disappeared at 12pm.

Sunset in the Sognefjord

As we turned the corner into the mouth of the Sognefjord we began to head east. Mountains began to frame our views in every direction. It was truly impressive! The wind decided to give us a boost and we spent 3 days speeding downwind catching the odd wave as we went.

Sea Kayak Surfing in the Sognefjord

We soon found our selfs in the heart of the Fjord. Towering mountains created calm sheltered waters, we spotted eagles, porpoise and even caught a few more fish!

The fjord stretches 220km into the heart of the Norwegian mountains. We managed to get a few extra miles under our belt thanks to the helpful wind, which meant we bagged a spare day to explore the Nærøyfjord. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most stunning places in the world!

The mouth of the Narrowfjord

After 10 days of kayaking we were excited to see the towering cruise ships in Flam, the final stop on our epic journey! From here we would jump on the Express boat back to Bergen and see the fjords from a whole new perspective.

Celebrating in Flam

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