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Why Lodge-based Sea Kayaking?

In 2018 expedition guide Erin Bastian stumbled across the joys of lodge-based kayaking by accident. A large storm hit northern Norway. Winds of 100mph, ruled out any ideas of hunkering down in tents, especially on remote islands. Erin and her team had to look for the next best option. Thankfully Norwegians are prepared for such weather. Every campsite has a handful of small wooden cabins. Gorgeous to look at, and cosy inside.

Small wooden cabins can be found at every campsite in Norway.
Lodge-based kayaking in Norway. Sketched by Julie Perran

The team weathered the storm for 4 days, playing cards, drinking plenty of hot chocolate, and planning their next days paddling for when the weather died down.

The trouble with experiencing the delights of Norwegian cabins, is that it becomes hard to leave them behind. So the team booked to return, after a few days of exploration.

Sea Kayaking in Norway

Skirting around islands and exploring inlets, even paddling amongst carving glaciers, which flow into the high altitude lake near Glomfjord. The paddling was incredibly varied. When your paddling from a comfortable base. You can select to explore different areas, to suit the weather, or the desires of the team. Each day was completely different from the last.

Norwegian sea kayaking. Exploring the area near Glomfjord.

After 10 days of sampling a variety of cabins all around the coastline south of Bodo, Erin knew this needed to be an expedition in it's own right! Each cabin with their own character, incredible views and extraordinary paddling locations, persuaded her it should be an Evoke Adventure. 'Cabins and Kayaks' was born! A Norwegian sea kayaking expedition with a little extra comfort and cabin coziness, combined with a huge variety of paddling locations and the freedom to go where ever the team desires to explore.

Find our more about CABINS & KAYAKS here

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