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about us

Evoke Adventure is a small guide run business. Born from a deep passion for exploration of remote and beautiful wilderness. Evoke pushes the boundaries of what exploration can be squeezed into a realistic holiday duration. We know that your time is precious, and want to create the best experience for each and every one of our customers. We provide a high level of logistics so that you can make the most of your time with us, in our incredible locations. 


Evoke Adventure was founded by Erin Bastian, a passionate expedition kayaker, with a wealth of experience, both as a kayak coach, and wilderness guide. Every one of Evoke's expeditions has been created from Erin's own personal explorations. She has cherry-picked the very best sea kayaking destinations to share with others.  


No two expeditions are ever the same, we like to work with the weather, and tailor our trips to suit each group, and individual embarking on an adventure with us.


Founder & Guide


We know people live fast-paced, busy lives, their time off is precious. That’s why we provide wilderness adventures, so people can easily step into wild spaces, immerse themselves in nature and make the most of every drop of their holidays.


Evoke has robust ethics when it comes to adventure. Here are the foundations we build every experience with.
  • To provide authentic expeditions, and empower people to explore and adventure in its purest form. 
  • Operate in small teams to reduce our impact on the environment, and provide the best experience to our customers. 
  • Keeping it real. Part of the adventure is overcoming challenges that come our way. Our expeditions are all unique and adaptable to ensure the most memorable experience. 
  • Every adventure is a learning opportunity, that's why we coach every element of expedition skills.   
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