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Cornwall Intro to Sea kayaking 

Coached Sea kayaking Courses

A sea kayaking adventure is on many people's bucket list, but if you're a beginner, where do you start? 

We want to make getting on the water and exploring beautiful coastline accessible to everybody. A great way of learning how to sea kayak is by combining exploration with coaching. We've designed our Cornwall Sea Kayaking Skills Course specifically to give you the best experience of what Cornwall has to offer, paddling new locations every day and developing all the skills you need to enjoy your adventures on the sea. This course is also a brilliant starting point if you'd like to build your experience to join one of our further afield expeditions. 


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These days are not just about learning new skills, they are also an opportunity to explore some of Cornwall's beautiful coastline. Each day we choose a location near Falmouth which suits our needs and, weather conditions. Exploring the sheltered waters of the Helford passage, or if the weather is calm head to the rugged cliffs of the lizard peninsula. 

2024 Dates
Who's this trip for
               2-day course               

 - 28th April 2024 Limited SPACE
2 full days of kayaking


Price inclusive of VAT

  • Anyone excited to learn how to sea kayak.

  • Happy in and around water.

  • Fitness for 5 hours of daily activity 


If you would like to discuss any of the above requirements,  please get in touch. We can offer 1:1 coaching if you'd like to try it out before joining a course.

What Will you learn?

This course will look at fundamental kayaking skills. From forwarding paddling to navigating incredible caves and sea arches, we may even learn some expedition skills, like catching fish with a hand-line. 

  • Forward & backwards paddling.

  • Turns and manoeuvring.

  • Launching and landing.

  • Basic navigation from the water.

  • Safe travel in and around rocky coastline.

  • Experience in a variety of sea conditions.

  • Rescues techniques and safety. 

  • Fishing from a kayak.

Throughout the days, you will explore around 15km of coastline a day, gaining valuable experience paddling in a variety of sea conditions and build a wealth of skills and techniques to manoeuver and control your kayak. You will build confidence and by the end of the course, feel ready to take on your next sea kayaking adventure, and no doubt you'll have a thirst for more.

Image by Keith Luke


The wildlife living in Cornish waters is rich and exciting. We will no doubt we will get to enjoy the curious company of young seals, and see the sea birds begin to build their nests on the most perilous cliff edges.

Kayaking is one of the finest ways to get close to nature. Traveling slowly and quietly allows us to experience wildlife in its most natural and relaxed state. You feel part of the environment, rather than just an observer. 


Highly Recommended! We did a last minute sea kayaking trip with Erin to Cornwall and it was fab. Just what we needed to improve our skills but also enjoy some stunning Cornish coastline. Hope we can join Evoke Adventure again, maybe in Norway...



Participants will need to meet at 9 am the morning of the trip start date at Stithians Watersports Centre ready to head out for the day. 

On the last day, we'll pack up camp in the morning and head out around 10 am for our final days paddling. Finishing the day around 4 pm.

What the Price Includes
Price does not Include

Evoke's qualified kayaking guide.

Sea kayaking safety equipment. 

All kayaking equipment and clothing.

Travel throughout your course in Cornwall.

Travel to Cornwall.

Travel insurance.

Food and Accommodation.


A 25% deposit is required to secure your spot, with the remainder due 4 weeks before the expedition start date. *While the uncertainty that Covid-19 brings final payment will only be collected when we can definitively (or as definitively as possible) say that the trip will run. 

If you have any questions about the expedition or would like more information you can contact us 


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