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Lofoten Explorer

Blessed with an amazing forecast, the first team of the summer set out for a Lofoten adventure. Setting off from a tiny fishing community of Hopen we were strait into the good stuff. Towering cliffs riddled with keen climbers was just around the first corner.

Our goal was to work with the tides, paddling through the beautiful town of Henningsvaer. A village perched precariously atop rocky islands and held up by stilts.

The tide would soon begin to sweep us North through the Grimsoy Strumen, a narrow channel where the tidal currents execrate as they squeeze through. It didn't take us long to pop out on the other side. ready for our first night camping.

Pancakes in Lofoten

The midnight sun disappeared in a thick sea mist, an as we woke the next morning we realised the spectacular mountain views had hidden.

We would paddle up the coast keeping close to shore so not to loose it. Crossing channels and between islands needed and faith in our compass skills.

Misty kayaking on the North coast of Lofoten

We set up camp on a remote beach, to our delight the sun finally burn off the fog around 10pm and the view was unbelievable!

Our journey continued along the North coast with incredible blue skies and calm waters! There was a little time to catch our dinner and we feasted on fresh mackerel cooked on an open fire.

The north coast teemed with wildlife, from porpoise to eagles. Our best count was 10 eagles in one day.

Before we knew it our journey would be heading south through the Narrow Raftsundet. Towering mountains either side were truly breath taking! The mid morning tide swept us though the narrows with ease and soon we found ourselves exploring the Trollfjord.

Camping on the remote islands we braved a dip in the inviting sea. It was extremely chilly but refreshing after a long days paddling.

Our journey was nearing an end as our final day saw us paddling through the fishing town of Svolvaer, and out the other side, back towards Hopen.

We really couldn't have asked for better weather!!!

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