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Paddling the Lofoten Islands - Guest Blog from Keith Gaines

Erin, a massive thank you for a superb and highly memorable

paddling trip circumnavigating the big island of Austvagoya in the

Lofoten Isles in early August. Not to mention the extra fjord side trip.

You thought, 178 kms of paddling.

Fantastic Paddling!

Erin expertly guided, organised, looked after and humoured three of us for 7 days on expedition. From meeting off the ferry to a celebratory beer at the end, Erin’s professionalism and go the extra mile attitude shone through.

Great camping!

Reflecting on only some of my personal highlights. Remoteness—the rugged east, north east, north coast and west on the island—few people, first small shop in Laukvika on day 5. The views—superb mountains coming dramatically into the sea, rocky coastline bimbling, the crystal clear water and the huge seascapes. Watching the sunsets with a glass of Bowmore, the light and the dawn —camera overload. The campsites—Caribbean like tiny deserted coves with white sand and turquoise water—Erin’s secret places. 


And, the 14 sea eagles we saw in one day in and around Trollfjorden. The large numbers of agile arctic terns constantly fishing and calling in and around us. The Great Skua and Arctic Skua. Erin’s cooking—especially the evening of fresh picked and cooked moules marinere and fresh cod caught and cooked over an open fire on tiny Vedoya. Not to mention coffee and ice cream on our return to civilisation in Henningsvaer on day 6! And to cap it all, the weather, gentle breezes and tides were kind to us. Erin read them expertly and, for me, can even claim credit for the sunshine!

And, the end of another great day!

Erin, thanks again for a memorable superb paddle. Until next time....

Keith Gaines

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