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Secret Beaches of Lofoten

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The beauty of sea kayaking is that you get to travel off the beaten track. This allows us to stumble across beautiful and unknown gems! This week our expedition team kayaked around the largest of the Lofoten island chain, Austvagoya. I wanted to share with you, our favourite beaches along our journey.

So here it is, our guide to 5 of the best secret beaches in Lofoten.


Vagoya is our favourite secret beach! Only accessible by kayak
Beaches of Lofoten. Vagoya with Evoke Adventure

1. The tiny white cove of Vagoya.

On the very northeast corner of Austvagoya, nestled between huge mountains and amongst a number of rocky islands is small remote island called Vagoya. Vagoya has it's very own secret, hard to spot unless you're actively looking to find it.

It's magic comes in a sheltered clear water cove. It's impossible to land here and not be lured in for a refreshing swim.

Our favourite time to swim here is at high tide, when the sandy cove is full of crystal clear water.



The white sand of Folvika, a sea kayaking gem!
The secret beach at Folvika, a long sandy gem.

2. The long white sands of Folvika.

Positioned on the the north coast, this beach has the best sunset I've ever seen! In June the sun doesn't even set, instead you can watch the midnight sun skim the horizon in an incredible golden glow. The water here is so clear, you can see the ripples on the sandy bottom, metres for the beach.



Coral sand bars of Lyngaeret, Lofoten

3. The coral sandbars of Lyngaeret.

Only accessible by kayak, these sand bars appear at low tide. Gorgeous white coral give the water and incredible turquoise colour. If you land on one of these beaches be sure to enjoy the array of tiny shells.

Be prepared to get blown away by the beauty of these islands on a sunny day. At high tide you can paddle through small channels between the islands, look down, you can see so much life beneath your kayaks!



South coast secret beach, Lofoten

4. Tucked away in Vangvika

This sheltered inlet has a serious treat at the end. A white sandy beach, with a perfect camp-spot for weary kayakers. This beach was so beautiful it lured me in for a double dip. If you can brave a little snorkelling, the water here was stunningly clear with so much life. Quiet on a week day, but you'll find the locals enjoying this spot on a sunny Saturday.

Watch out for the army of tiny crabs which scuttle in with the high tide.



Over looking the towering mountains in the East of Lofoten

5. The west coast of Brakoya

A majestic sand bar looking right across the largest mountain range of Austvagoya. This little spot is miles from any road, with an incredible mountain sky line and seriously good wild camp. Silhouetted by the setting sun, and highlighted by the sunrise, the mountains change their character throughout the day.

If your paddling out to enjoy this secret beach, be sure to pop over to Trollfjord!

Hopefully this blog will inspire you to explore the stunning coastline of Lofoten. It sure is a bucket list destination, and seeing it from a kayak is the best way to get off the beaten track.

If you'd like to join us next year, be sure to check out our Lofoten Explorer Expedition or female specific 'Girls Go Scandie' Expedition.

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