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5 Reasons To Go Kayaking In Norway!

Updated: May 25, 2018

It's safe to say Norway is my all time favourite kayaking locations. Here are 5 reasons why!

On a sea kayaking expedition with Evoke Adventure in Lofoten, Norway
Kayaking in Lofoten, Norway

Norway has over 63,000 miles of coastline, consisting of fjords, bays and islands. If you were to stretch out Norway's coastline into a strait line, it would wrap around the planet 2 and a 1/2 times! That's a heck of a lot of coastline to explore.


Norway has it all! If your into island hopping then there is plenty to entertain you. From the smaller compact islands in the south, to the larger more remote islands in the north. You can find plenty of exposed headlands to spice up your day or mellow calm fjords, sheltered by mile high shear cliff faces. No doubt there is something for everyone.


Norway's waters are abundant with life! Look up to spot sea eagles soaring above your head, mountain goats dancing they're way around the cliffs, and water so clear, you can see the fish swimming beneath your kayak. If your lucky you may even share the fjords with the gentle giants of the sea, whales. There is no end to the nature which surrounds you in the rugged Norwegian wilderness.

Catching Cod in Norway by Kayak

Norway has mind-blowing scenery! Fjords framed by 1km high cliffs, mountains which drop directly into the ocean, islands fringed with perfect white sandy beaches with out a sole in sight. Norway's abundant landscape is a feast to the eye, gaze in any direction and you will experience wilderness pristine and untouched. Nature at it's best!

Stunning Norway Landscape by Kayak

In the UK we call it 'The Right To Roam'. Norwegians are born with nature in their blood, a passion for the outdoors which is celebrated and regularly exercised. Their beautiful, wild country is there to be traveled, explored and enjoyed. They treat it with respect, look after it well, and in exchange they can wander, camp and paddle in any corner of nature they desire to explore. What an amazing way to celebrate and enjoy such a stunning country!

Celebrating the "Right to Roam" sea kayaking in Norway

If these 5 reasons have inspired you to travel and sea kayak in Norway, Join Us!

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