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Top 5 Sea Kayaking Destinations

Updated: May 24, 2018

With so much choice for places to explore, where would Evoke recommend you go?

We've whittled it down to get our top five sea kayaking destinations!

Sea Kayaking Norway

In our opinion, the best sea kayaking destination in the world! Norway has mountains, fjords, pristine beaches, nature and wilderness by the bucket load.

With over 58,000km of coastline there is plenty to explore. For beginners and intermediate paddlers we recommend heading to the Western Fjords. Where towering mountains provide sheltered waters, and bunch of stunning fjords to explore. Our Favourite fjord has to be *Nærøyfjord*! You can spend days kayaking between steep cliffs and mountains over 1km high, with hundreds of waterfalls and perfect meadows for wild camping.

For those looking for more challenging waters head to Lofoten. A wildlife rich archipelago of islands in Northern Norway. These islands jut out into the Norwegian sea, and are an incredible maze of mountains and channels. Here you will get beautiful beaches all to yourself, whist watching sea eagles saw above you. Get your fix of challenging sea kayaking by heading out around the most westerly point, to the rugged and exposed north coast.

Sea kayaking in the Lofotens
2/ Scotland

Scotland is an incredible destination for sea kayaking, with a whole host of lochs and islands to explore. From the rugged remote Outer Hebrides to the tranquil inland lochs of the mainland.

We can recommend spending some time exploring the skerries of Arisaig, where you will no doubt stumble across sunbathing seals. If your really lucky, even a glimpse of the incredible shy sea otters which live there too.

3/ Menorca

This little island packs a punch. You can sea kayak around the entire island in 8-10 days. Each day is different due to the ever changing geology of the coastline as you go round. From steep limestone cliffs in the south, to the fiery red sand stone of the north.

Sea Kayaking Menorca

The island provides many amazing caves to delve into for some action, and quiet sandy coves for chilling out and soaking up a little sunshine.


This mountainous french island is a real treat to explore. Sea kayaking in Corsica's many nature reserves is a delight. We love paddling along the west coast, with it's rugged headlands and small fishing villages.

Don't miss out on paddling at Bonifacio, a stunning historic town in the south of Corsica. Perched atop huge white cliffs, it will make you feel insignificant as you paddle around the coves and caves beneath it's walls.


If adventure is high on your list, then Patagonian Chile should be up there on your places to sea kayak. Paddling amoungt icebergs and beneath enormous glaciers is a experience you will never forget! Combine that with penguins and a good dose of latin culture and you have one of the best sea kayaking experiences in the world.

Sea Kayaking In Patagonia

Some of the most incredible paddling can be found in the Western Fjords, or in the lakes and rivers which flow out of the Torres Del Paine National Park. Make sure you pack some warm weather gear, as this region can be know for its harsh weather conditions.

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